Courses Overview

If you want to offer a whole new level of healing to your clients, then this is the course for you. Learn about the energy body and how this treatment method revitalises and creates the restoration of a person's life force.
Vitali-Chi was launched in 2005 by Jill Jenson and her husband, Allen. Their technology is based on accumulated science from 5,000 years ago where the Chinese discovered and mapped out the energetic acupuncture points of the human body. From this, Leon Ernest Eeman in the 1920's developed a 'relaxation circuit', made of copper and using vibrational frequencies helped himself to fully recover from being disabled after a plane accident. At around the same time, Edgar Cayce and Royal Raymond Rife were making their own discoveries about holistic and energetic healing, with particular regard to vibrational medicine.
Jill Jenson and Allen as a result have developed a machine called Vitali-Chi Boost, an energy and wellbeing system that revitalises and regulates the natural energy that flows through your body. Secondary to that they also provide liquid medicine and other products infused with frequencies from the Vitali-Chi Boost machine to obtain desired medical outcomes.
There are 2 programmes available to become a certified Vitali-Chi practitioner: Level 1 and following that, the optional Level 2 (Advanced).


I am lucky enough to own a Vitali Chi machine and am on it quite regularly. The right frequencies have given me more confidence, dispersed various aches and pains and above all, helped me release unwanted emotional issues that I had been holding onto. It is a wonderful machine that, for me, worked miracles.


I thoroughly enjoyed this course! It was very interesting and well presented, with great manuals to go alongside. I have recently qualified as a massage therapist and having benefitted personally from Vitali-chi and some of the products, I'm so excited to soon be able to offer this to my clients!


Braintree, Essex
For the first time I use Vitali-Chi to balance long and hard working hours (at least 10 hours a day and 6 days a week) and after 2 months I have a proven record of fully revitalising my depleted energy levels. This is a great new Vitali-Chi experience for me.


I have been using VITALI-CHI BOOST for several months now and the difference in my mental health is considerably noticeable. But yesterday, for the first time, I incorporated the guided visualizations and it was MAGICAL. I found myself in a floating state of mind. I am currently suffering with jet-lag which doesn’t do much to help my anxiety. But after my treatment/session yesterday a whole weight had been lifted from my head. I instantly felt calm and back in control of me. And even now, 24 hours later, I can still picture my little dude sitting by his tree with his colored stones smiling at me and it fills me with happiness and strength.


I am more than happy with the Vitali chi service, your responses are quick and l found Jill very very friendly and easy to talk to. I bought the Vitali Chi system and it has turned my life around. I have improved in all areas and l love using it. I wish l had taken before and after photos of my face to show the difference, one side was slightly lopsided but now it's evened out. One thing is, I do wish that there was a booklet or leaflet with all the steps and info about the Vitali Chi inside the box. I am dyslexic and have word blindness so having a hard copy would enable me to re-read the info frequently, Trying to find the email online is impossible for me. All in all l would recommend, it was worth EVERY penny.



What you will learn

Level 1 online training teaches you how to transform ill-health, and accelerate wellbeing. It covers the following topics:
  • Vitali-Chi - The Energy and Wellbeing System.

  • The size of an atom, a human cell, the Universe and how we are all connected.

  • Vibrational Medicine.

  • The Endocrine System and Peptides.

  • Chi, auras, chakras and meridians.

  • The Human Energy System.

  • How give a treatment using Vitali-Chi.

  • What makes Vitali-Chi work.

  • How the body messages the cells.

  • Meditation.

  • Cell Regeneration / Repair and Solfeggio Frequencies.

  • Vitali-Chi Frequencies.

  • Scientific proof that we can heal ourselves.

What you will receive

In addition to what you will learn, you will receive the following:

LEVEL 2 (Advanced)

What you will learn

Level 2 (Advanced) online training teaches you on a much deeper level and understanding. It covers the following topics:
  • How disease is made and how disease is healed, from degeneration to regeneration of the cells .

  • How your DNA, heart, brain, mind, and every cell in your body communicates to each other.

  • How your emotions can make you well or make you sick.

  • Self-Testing: A form of muscle testing that accurately pinpoints the problem and finds the exact Vibrational Frequency for the individual.

  • All about Vibrational Medicine.

  • How patterns of behaviour affect relationships.

  • The Root Cause of ill-health.

  • Addictions and addictive behaviour.

  • The neuroscience of emotions, psycho neuroimmunology and emotional intelligence.

  • Epigenetics and how we can change our genes.

  • Vitali-Chi Healing Diets.

  • Easy protocols for addictions, weight loss, cancer and relationship wellbeing.

  • Many other healing methods.

What you will receive

In addition to what you will learn, you will receive the following:

Further Knowledge

The Science behind the Vitali-Chi Machine

The Vitali-Chi Machine

It is a non-invasive health and wellbeing system that is based on the ancient healing principle of acupuncture but without needles. It safely delivers and increases the potency of natural healing vibrations. These and all of our vibrational products work at a cellular level and assist root cause healing by conveying to the cells ‘detox’, ‘revitalise and ‘regenerate’. It takes out the stress that life has put in.
It can be either energising or relaxing since it works towards balance in whichever way the body needs. It balances our body’s energy by connecting meridian and chakra terminations in our hands and feet to the points at the base of the neck and the bottom of the spine. When the body’s primary energy centres are linked together, energy flow is profoundly enhanced, relieving stress and tension.
It induces the deeply relaxing Theta Brain Wave state which is the self-healing state. It rebalances and regulates your energy and blood pressure, calms your nervous system, relieves tension and stress, and cleanses your personal space (aura).
It rebalances your blood pressure, calms your nervous system, relieves tension and stress, and cleanses your personal space (aura).

Copper Mesh Pads

Copper mesh pads are used with the machine as a medium for transmitting the frequencies.
It can conduct electrical impulses (the energy coursing through the meridians) and can magnify the energy transfer from the frequencies to the body. Copper also has many other healing properties. It is a mineral that you need to stay healthy. Your body uses copper to carry out many important functions, including making connective tissues, blood vessels and energy production for the cells. It helps maintain the nervous and immune systems and activates genes. Your body also needs copper for brain development and to keep your bones healthy. It helps to form haemoglobin which is needed to make red blood cells as it helps your body absorb iron from the intestines. It also helps to regulate blood flow and boost your circulation by maintaining iron levels in your blood.
Haemoglobin is essential for transferring oxygen in your blood from the lungs to the tissues. It provides a harmonic connection between the physical and astral bodies and aligns the subtle bodies. It has been used successfully to amplify and transmit thought.
It activates and opens the base and sacral chakras, advancing and stabilising the energies of intuition, sexuality, desire and vitality, directing these energies toward the pursuit of one’s path of evolution. It is also renowned for reducing stiff joints, aches and pains commonly associated with arthritis and rheumatism. Copper can also help with collagen production and can encourage the system to overcome issues that lead to skin diseases and rashes.

The Vitali-Chi Machine and Booster

The optional Booster further enhances the Vitali-Chi machine's capabilities.
It sends a resonating Square Wave (30 kHz / 30,000 Hz) through the circuit which disrupts bacteria, parasites, viruses and damaged cells and it increases the effect of the vibrational frequencies by amplifying them. Your existing energy doubles after just one hour of use. 
It induces the deeply relaxing Theta Brain Wave state which increases cell regeneration and encourages DNA to repair and heal. Communication to the cells increases, thereby enhancing the immune system
Very importantly it decreases the production of cortisol linked to ageing, stress, fatigue, inflammation and pain. The system assists symptoms of illness, general wellbeing, skin care, regeneration, arthritis, weight loss and so much more.
Vitali-Chi Boost used with the liquid frequencies is a totally non-invasive method of delivering a healing substance. It sends safe healing to the system with increased potency and avoids the disadvantages of ingestion and injection with medication that can toxify the system. The body will absorb how much it needs of the frequencies taking what it needs and no more, just as a battery takes what it needs to be charged. 
A liquid frequency is a pure and uncontaminated medium for transmission, and we supply a starter kit of 10 different bottles, suitable for your needs.

The benefits of the Theta Brainwave State induced by Vitali-Chi

ALL Modern Energy Methods & Techniques are designed to improve energy flow in the Living Energy Body.

Personal Gateways To Modern Energy

When a client or a practitioner does not feel excited by or comfortable with ANY method or technique, use a different method or technique.
Both are exceptionally rare; what we find in practice is that the energy treatments bring about a CHANGE in the presenting symptoms.

Modern Energy Tapping

Modern Energy Tapping works by stimulating (tapping or touching) major energy flows.
Modern Energy Tapping provides a simple framework that is easy to teach, provides positive first energy experiences for the client, and the client can “take it home” for Modern Stress Management in real life.
Unlike other forms of tapping, Modern Energy Tapping works with positive, solution based setups which makes it beneficial and accessible to everyone.

EMO Energy In Motion

EMO Energy In Motion works with the real time physical 6th Sense sensations of the client relating to the problem.
EMO provides the location where the disturbances or blockages are to be found in the invisible Energy Body, which can then be addressed with direct Energy Hands healing by the practitioner, as well as encouraging the client to use their own healing Energy Hands to improve energy flow in that 1EREA.
EMO also provides the client with a better understanding and awareness of their own experiences with stress, emotions and psychosomatic pain, which is extremely helpful to the client, especially in the long run.
Once an erea for treatment has been located, all manner of other energy healing forms can be brought in, for example, aromatherapy and crystal healing.
EMO Energy In Motion is the direct gateway to the 6th Sense and all things energy.
1EREA - stands for “Existing Energy Reality” and denotes a specific location of a disturbance in the Energy Body.  


Where EMO works without metaphor, SuperMind works directly at the metaphor level instead.
There are different levels and layers in the Living Energy Body, and there is a level that is beyond the basic energy body.
When a client offers “a metaphor on a plate”, or the client cannot locate a direct physical sensation related to the problem, this may indicate that the major disturbance is at this level.
The “Classic Game” from SuperMind (also known as “The Perfect Place”) is a form of healing energy body meditation that the client can continue at home.

Star Matrix

Star Matrix is a powerful way to stabilise a client's energy system when it is in chaos.
Encouraging the client to connect with highly uplifting, energy rich Star Memories provides an ongoing framework and support that lasts a lifetime and is a powerful gift.
Using the powerful energies contained in Star Memories as antidotes to current energy problems is an application of The Power of The Positives and can be used in conjunction with Modern Energy Tapping, EMO Energy in Motion and SuperMind techniques to bring about true Healing Events for the client.

Vitali-Chi Machine Package Comparison

Balance Plus
Boost Plus
2 Hand-Foot Connectors
2 Copper Mesh Pads
Eye Mask
Natural preventative health care system
Revitalises depleted energy
Induces a Theta Brain Wave State (self-healing state)
Perfect meditation
Rebalances and regulates your energy and blood pressure
Calms your nervous system
Relieves tension and stress
Improves sleep patterns
Helps you feel relaxed yet alert and focused
Cleanses your personal space (aura)
Calms hyperactive, agitated states of mind
Great for children
Will take you on many a wonderful journey, opening your mind to 'all that is'
Padded Headphones with 16 Exclusive Guided Visualisations
10 Frequencies
Enhances the Immune System
Cells in your body become lighter, brighter and stronger
Increases communication to the cells
Booster helps disrupt bacteria, pathogens and damaged cells
Doubles your existing energy after just one hour of use
Detox – Assists the organs of elimination
Induces a Theta Brain Wave State which: Encourages DNA to repair and heal. Increases production of hormones Melatonin, DHEA, and HGH. Decreases production of cortisol linked to ageing, stress, fatigue. Reduces inflammation, pain, and helps with arthritis.


Bringing the forgotten, neglected, malnourished and mistreated Living Energy Body back into our client's awareness is at the heart of Modern Energy. By introducing logical concepts, practical methods and techniques and simple ways to make our Energy Bodies feel better, and by extension, making us all feel better, you are giving your clients a gift for life, a gift that will keep on giving.
The world of energy awareness unlocks the “Oceans of Energy” and goes way beyond symptom removal.
Reconnecting with the living world at the energy levels, with plants, with animals, with people is not just life saving, but soul saving.
Explaining the basics of the functioning of our own Living Energy Bodies, what Emotions are, and how we can change the way we feel opens the door for the clients to live a different life - a life where energy is real, where love really has the power to heal, and where new experiences, insights and connections await.
Without energy awareness, the worlds of human beings cannot be expected to function optimally.
With energy awareness, we have new avenues of discovery and exploration that were never there before.
We have AMAZING physical bodies.
We have BEAUTIFUL minds.
We have radiant, LIVING energy bodies.
We are multidimensional beings in the Oceans of Energy - and our happiness MATTERS!