The Game Changers!

Over the course of the last 15 years plus, Dr Anna Forbes has trained in and worked with many different natural health products, always looking for the very best to support people in their health journeys.

Below you will find what I have found to be 'The Game Changers' - giant leaps forward often occur with each and every one of these products.

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Fulvic Detox Pack

There are toxins in the food we eat, water we drink, and air we breathe. The more toxins the body has leads to illness and disease.

These 2 combined products promotes optimal detoxification with trace minerals supplementation.

Clinoptilolite Zeolite: Binds to toxins including mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, radioactive particles and volatile organic compounds.

Fulvic Minerals+: Supports gut health, immune health, nutrient absorption, increases cellular function, brain function, fights free radicals and supports detoxification.

Also helps you lose weight as most toxins are stored in body fat.

Aid your body's ability to heal as it is meant to be.

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Immunocal is a specially formulated protein derived from whey. It contains glutathione building blocks essential for maintenance of the immune system.

A major cornerstone of the immune system relies on its ability to obtain a molecule called glutathione which exists in every cell of your body. This molecule is constantly being used up in dozens of your body’s functions and is difficult to replace.

Maintains a strong immune system.

Supports the production of antibodies.

Helps to increase muscle strength and enhances performance when combined with regular exercise.

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Juice PLUS+

Many of us are trying to eat healthily every day and we all know that it is not always easy.

Bridge the gap between what you eat and what you should eat every day.

The next best thing to fruits and vegetables.

30 types of fruits, vegetables and berries in concentrated capsule form.

Feel great and live a long and healthy life.

Get the benefits of valuable phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants that are important for your well-being.

Dr Anna Forbes says that they provide one of the best complete multi-nutrient supplements that she's come across for adults and children alike.

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Kangen Water®

Support and enhance your body's health with the best water system in the world.

Alkaline water supports the body's natural pH state, neutralises free radicals and detoxifies the body.

Ionised water supports the body's mitochondria for more energy and hydrates the body much better than regular water.

Alkaline water is also great for removing pesticides from food.

Change your water, change your life.

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A uniquely formulated colon conditioner which is fast acting and is scientifically designed to work gently, safely and effectively.

It breaks debris in the colon into very small pieces that can be easily and gently eliminated.

A clean and healthy colon can lead to more effective absorption of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Ensures complete cellular oxygenation and will give you more energy.

Great for treating diarrhoea and stomach issues as well.

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Healthy Gut Program

The most comprehensive ‘therapeutic’ formula to assist with the digestion of all fats, protein and carbohydrates.

Aids in treating all major chronic health conditions.

When the gut is working properly, the body can absorb and process more nutrients delivering better health.

Conditions that challenge major organ systems including hormone imbalances.

There is also the 'Healthy Gut Program for Sensitive individuals'.

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Featured Testimonials

With Anna’s help and the supplements she recommended me, my gut health has completely transformed and I am now able to eat without experiencing any pain or discomfort. I definitely recommend these products!

Mimi, Bath

The products that Dr Forbes recommended have had a massive impact on my overall health. My vitamin D levels are so good that it has helped me sail through the harsh winter. My gut is healing a lot. I used to be always bloated and struggling with digestion issues. Along with the diet changes and supplements I can see each of my long term illnesses and symptoms slowly disappearing. Highly recommend the supplement protocol as it has no side effects and are now easily accessible.

Nandhini, London

I had a very in-depth consultation with more understanding of my health something I could not get through the traditional route of medicine through the NHS. I am in a better place now knowing what I know through functional medicine in treating myself and live a better quality of life.

Jag Singh

The products recommended by Dr Forbes as part of my protocol have positively impacted my healing by reducing/eliminating my symptoms and increasing my energy levels. I have high level of confidence in them and will continue to use them for as long Dr Forbes recommends.

Natalia, London

My 4 year old daughter has had a dairy allergy since birth. She started taking the enzymes recommended by Dr. Forbes when she was 2. After 6 months of taking them every day, before every meal she was able to have butter on occasion and have no symptoms. We then forgot to take the enzymes on holiday for a week and gave her food which contained butter and she had a reaction every time. We then had to start from scratch with the enzymes as it takes time to build up in her system. But we're back on track! I can't rate them enough - they’re amazing!

Rachel, Kent

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We highly recommend that the initial consultation is in-person, however if this is not possible then a video consultation is the next best thing.

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