EMO (Energy in Motion)

Course Overview

A comprehensive and practical course that teaches you how to apply modern energy methods to address various health issues and challenges. 
You will learn how to work with the energy body, the energy mind and the energy heart to create positive changes in yourself and your clients.
EMO (Modern Energy) is based on Silvia Hartmann's research - a German researcher working in the United Kingdom, she provided a breakthrough in understanding the effects of energy on behaviour during animal research in 1993.
This 13 module course hosted by the President of the Guild of Energists (GoE), Silvia Hartmann, offers a solid foundation in theory and practice for healthcare professionals to add the benefits of direct, practical Modern Energy work to their clients.
Medically unexplained symptoms can account for as much as 50% of presenting problems and may significantly benefit from the application of Modern Energy techniques. The additional benefits of general Modern Stress Management in particular benefits not only the client, but also the healthcare professional.
Practical, effective, structural and logical, Modern Energy is the perfect choice to work with the energy systems of yourself and your clients in a reasonable and rational way.

What you will learn

The videos covers the following topics:
Approximate time to complete this course is 12 hours (excluding the case study). The videos include multiple choice questionnaires after each one has been viewed.
Healthcare Professionals need a current professional level qualification, valid insurance and currently see patients in a professional capacity.

Bonus Materials

To provide the participants with further important background information and many additional energy techniques, The GoE Healthcare Professionals Modern Energy Certification course includes the following additional bonus materials and eManuals:

Further Knowledge

Modern Energy - Key Concepts

The Third Field: The Living Energy Body Matters

In Modern Energy, the living Energy Body is the focus of attention in and of itself. Rather than only trying to work with the living Energy Body in order to alleviate mental or physical problems, the Energy Body deserves research, investigation, consideration and care.
Learning to understand Energy Body Stress, providing the Energy Body with the required Energy Nutrition, and healing any Energy Body problems is a field of endeavour in its own right, The Third Field.

The Unexplored Energy Body

Ancient maps of energy systems are insufficient to deal with a modern person in the Here & Now. Rather than looking to old maps, Modern Energy methods work with the individual client in the 'Here & Now', to discover their personalised, living Energy Body and to support it so it may function better.
As such, the practitioner is not the expert in the interaction with the client; rather, practitioner and client must work together to discover the problems, and the solutions.

The 6th Sense

The 6th Sense are the emotions.
As such, the practitioner is not the expert in the interaction with the client; rather, practitioner and client must work together to discover the problems, and the solutions.
The living energy body provides direct, real time feedback on its functions through the medium of physical sensations that have no physical origin. The information from the 6th Sense represents an additional 16.7% of data which is required for human beings to make sense of the world.

The Emotion Scale

Emotions, (6th Sense) is real time feedback on the functioning of the living Energy Body, exist on a scale of severity of experience (The Emotion Scale, Hartmann 2003).
  • The Light\Fine Range of emotions are known as intuition.
  • The Medium Range of emotions are known as emotions.         
  • The High Range of emotions are known as psychosomatic emotions. These are indistinguishable from physical experiences.

Locating Energy Body Problems

When a person experiences physical sensations that have no physical origin, these physical sensations (emotions) are located exactly in the place where the problem is located in the living Energy Body. This makes it obvious where the problem exists, and provides the starting point for healing the Energy Body with energy treatments.
“Where do you feel this problem in your body? Show me with your hands.”

Modern Energy Healing: Encouraging Better Energy Flow

All Modern Energy based healing, including Modern Stress Management, is focused on improving the natural energy flow through the living Energy Body. Energy wants to flow as this is its very nature; therefore, practitioners of Modern Energy simply have to encourage and support this natural flow. This is, likewise, easy and natural.

The Energy Component: The 0% To 100% Rule Of Modern Energy

Before we work with a client, we cannot know whether there is an Energy Body component to the presenting problem, or how significant the Energy Body component may be.
As practitioners of Modern Energy, we do not promise miracle cures for mental or physical healing.
Before we work with a client, we cannot know whether there is an Energy Body component to the presenting problem, or how significant the Energy Body component may be.
Both are exceptionally rare; what we find in practice is that the energy treatments bring about a CHANGE in the presenting symptoms.

Modern Stress Management

Modern Stress Management is the term in Modern Energy to denote becoming energy aware, to understand the functioning of one's own living energy body in real life, and to engage in behaviours that will help the living Energy Body function better.
Modern Stress Management is not only restricted to clients. The practitioner also engages in Modern Stress Management in order to keep their own living Energy Body healthy and energy rich, which will help the practitioner support their clients in the best way possible.

Modern Energy Methods & Techniques

ALL Modern Energy Methods & Techniques are designed to improve energy flow in the Living Energy Body.
ALL Modern Energy Methods & Techniques are designed to raise energy and lift people up on the Modern Energy Chart.
The higher a person is on the Modern Energy Chart, the faster they can heal and the better they will function across the board in Mind, Body & Spirit.

Personal Gateways To Modern Energy

IMPORTANT! Nobody should use any method or technique they do not want to use, for whatever reason.
When a client or a practitioner does not feel excited by or comfortable with ANY method or technique, use a different method or technique.
Both are exceptionally rare; what we find in practice is that the energy treatments bring about a CHANGE in the presenting symptoms.

Modern Energy Tapping

Modern Energy Tapping works by stimulating (tapping or touching) major energy flows.
Modern Energy Tapping provides a simple framework that is easy to teach, provides positive first energy experiences for the client, and the client can “take it home” for Modern Stress Management in real life.
Unlike other forms of tapping, Modern Energy Tapping works with positive, solution based setups which makes it beneficial and accessible to everyone.

EMO Energy In Motion

EMO Energy In Motion works with the real time physical 6th Sense sensations of the client relating to the problem.
EMO provides the location where the disturbances or blockages are to be found in the invisible Energy Body, which can then be addressed with direct Energy Hands healing by the practitioner, as well as encouraging the client to use their own healing Energy Hands to improve energy flow in that 1EREA.
EMO also provides the client with a better understanding and awareness of their own experiences with stress, emotions and psychosomatic pain, which is extremely helpful to the client, especially in the long run.
Once an erea for treatment has been located, all manner of other energy healing forms can be brought in, for example, aromatherapy and crystal healing.
EMO Energy In Motion is the direct gateway to the 6th Sense and all things energy.
1EREA - stands for “Existing Energy Reality” and denotes a specific location of a disturbance in the Energy Body.  


Where EMO works without metaphor, SuperMind works directly at the metaphor level instead.
There are different levels and layers in the Living Energy Body, and there is a level that is beyond the basic energy body.
When a client offers “a metaphor on a plate”, or the client cannot locate a direct physical sensation related to the problem, this may indicate that the major disturbance is at this level.
The “Classic Game” from SuperMind (also known as “The Perfect Place”) is a form of healing energy body meditation that the client can continue at home.

Star Matrix

Star Matrix is a powerful way to stabilise a client's energy system when it is in chaos.
Encouraging the client to connect with highly uplifting, energy rich Star Memories provides an ongoing framework and support that lasts a lifetime and is a powerful gift.
Using the powerful energies contained in Star Memories as antidotes to current energy problems is an application of The Power of The Positives and can be used in conjunction with Modern Energy Tapping, EMO Energy in Motion and SuperMind techniques to bring about true Healing Events for the client.

Modern Energy, The Practitioner & The Client

We cannot do Modern Energy as practitioners without connecting with the client. This means practically that there are two Living Energy Bodies in the room, and they connect and form a couple bubble.
When this happens, the client and practitioner become a unit that is more than the sum of their parts. Both will gain access to information, energy and knowledge that neither of them could gain on their own.
When we work with Modern Energy and do the best we can to improve the flow of energy in our client, our own energy states improve as well.
The higher the energy is in the couple bubble (client and practitioner), the easier it becomes to heal old injuries, remove blockages and bring about true Healing Events that will evolve BOTH of you.
Having such highly positive Star Events with clients is highly motivational to the practitioner. These Star Events contain important new information about how the energy systems of people work, and each one is a significant stepping stone in the personal evolution of the practitioner. This is perhaps the most important gift of Modern Energy to those who practice it.

The High Energy Practitioner

It is a general misconception that a “high energy practitioner” jumps around like a kangaroo on steroids. Nothing could be further from the truth. The higher the practitioner, the more appropriate they know how to be with any existing client.
As we rise up on the Modern Energy Chart, our ability to understand other people expands exponentially.
  • We are not afraid of clients, even of difficult clients.
  • We do not need to hide behind shields of protection.
  • We become compassionate and present.
  • We draw in information through all 6 senses.
  • We “learn” the client in a whole new way.
  • We understand the client and their systems in real time.
  • We can easily discern where we can place an intervention that will help the client.
  • Our thoughts, our emotions, the words we say and the actions we take are likely to have positive outcomes.
From the client's perspective, having a high energy practitioner is a strong stress reliever.
Having the sense that there is someone who is paying attention is extremely powerful.
Being asked how they feel and where they feel it, is what the client has been waiting for.
The magic of Modern Energy starts with the practitioner.

Modern Stress Management In The Client Session

Clients and practitioners experience natural stress on their first meeting, even if they are known to one another; they come from their own stressful lives every time.
In order to create the right environment for healing to take place, we start by raising energy together. This can be achieved by:
  • A Modern Energy Tapping Session for a Positive of the client's choice;      
  • Accessing a Star Memory;     
  • A short SuperMind meditation;  
  • A simple EMO energy meditation;
  • In a spontaneous way which a high energy practitioner will naturally think of.    
The more stressed/lower on the Modern Energy Chart the client is, the harder it becomes to create a Healing Event.
The higher the client is, the easier it becomes to solve energy problems.
Spending time raising the client's energy is not “wasting time!”

You Don't Have To Solve It, Only Evolve It!

Many energy practitioners expect of themselves that they should perform “miracles of healing”. This puts entirely unnecessary performance pressure on the practitioner, disrupts their own energy flow, and makes time the enemy in the treatment flow.
Please be advised: ANY evolution concerning the problem is a HUGE WIN.
If the client comes away from the session just 10% less stressed, in less pain, less afraid or less hopeless - you have already created a miracle of healing. Any progress, even if it is just a single point upward on the Modern Energy Chart, is proof of concept – there can be an evolution. With this comes hope for the future and further evolutions are now possible. There is now a path that may lead to a complete resolution of the problem.
“You don't have to solve it, only EVOLVE it.”
Take your time with the client. Continue to improve the flow of energy through their Living Energy Body and move towards the Healing Event as best as you can. You cannot do more, and this is a priceless gift to all your clients.

In Conclusion: Oceans Of Energy

Bringing the forgotten, neglected, malnourished and mistreated Living Energy Body back into our client's awareness is at the heart of Modern Energy. By introducing logical concepts, practical methods and techniques and simple ways to make our Energy Bodies feel better, and by extension, making us all feel better, you are giving your clients a gift for life, a gift that will keep on giving.
The world of energy awareness unlocks the “Oceans of Energy” and goes way beyond symptom removal.
Reconnecting with the living world at the energy levels, with plants, with animals, with people is not just life saving, but soul saving.
Explaining the basics of the functioning of our own Living Energy Bodies, what Emotions are, and how we can change the way we feel opens the door for the clients to live a different life - a life where energy is real, where love really has the power to heal, and where new experiences, insights and connections await.
Without energy awareness, the worlds of human beings cannot be expected to function optimally.
With energy awareness, we have new avenues of discovery and exploration that were never there before.
We have AMAZING physical bodies.
We have BEAUTIFUL minds.
We have radiant, LIVING energy bodies.
We are multidimensional beings in the Oceans of Energy - and our happiness MATTERS!

Requirements for Certification

You will need to complete the multiple choice questionnaires after each video has been viewed and supply a case study at the end of the course with a patient to qualify for certification.