Biochemical Individualism

Course Overview

If you want to offer a whole new level of healing to your clients, then this is the course for you. Learn about the energy body and how this treatment method revitalises and creates the restoration of a person's life force.
This system has been used clinically for over 30 years as a way to build relationships with patients for improved compliance and outcomes. 
Gain valuable insights into the 4 unique biochemical types with our pre-recorded online training sessions featuring DicQie Fuller, PhD, DrSc, ND, CNC, and Amy Rawls, MS, RD, LD, CGN, IFMNT.
The programme also includes ongoing, on-demand access to downloads of handouts and other useful materials.

What you will learn

The videos covers the following topics:
  • Introduction to Biochemical Individualism

  • Nutrition for Each Biochemical Type

  • Exercise Recommendations

  • Enzyme Nutrition Protocols

  • Measuring the Body Types

  • Putting Body Typing into Practice