Integrative Medicine Training Course

Dr Anna Forbes periodically hosts training courses for 'Integrative Medicine' in London of which you can attend. Otherwise you can also purchase the recorded training course from here as well.

Moving into Private Practice with Integrative Medicine

Course Summary

A two-day course hosted by Dr Anna Forbes offers simple and effective naturopathic approaches that you can rapidly apply and integrate into your current clinical skill set.

This course is for qualified medical professionals looking to move swiftly into private practice using Integrative Medicine, including:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Other well-qualified health care professionals

The course covers the following:

Terrain Theory v Germ TheoryKey causes of diseaseHealing dietsHealthy waterGut healing Nutritional supplementsDetoxificationAntimicrobialsPsycho-emotional strategiesNatural hygiene during illnessEnergy medicine