Integrative Medicine

Practitioner Training Course

Led by experienced Integrative Medicine Doctor, Dr. Anna Forbes, who has brought together the best experts in their fields to deliver essential modules, to include certifications, so that by the end you will be highly skilled as an Integrative Medicine Practitioner.

You will be given access to all of the tools, trainings, products and supplements that Dr. Forbes uses in her clinics after many years of trying and testing various different approaches. This is a formula that works.

'Fast track'
Complete Integrative Medicine Course
for Healthcare Practitioners

Course Summary

You will receive 80 hours of training, mostly online of which you can do at your own pace, however there will be 4 days of on-site training at a location near London TBC.

In addition to this, there will be 8 hours of mentoring through video calls using Zoom at regular intervals.

You will receive training in:

  • Nutrition, Detoxification, and Biochemical Individualism (scientifically-validated Body Typing approach).
  • Energy Medicine to include the release of emotional trauma from the body, 're-programming' of unhelpful emotional patterns, and the 'unblocking' of stagnant body energy contributing to disease using the Vitali-chi device. (Device included).
  • Scenar training using 'Pain Genie' approaches. (Device included).
  • Medical Qigong - the only Qigong technique that demonstrates significant clinical research with incredible patient outcomes.
  • Mindset training using Thrive coaching - such an important aspect of patient recovery.
  • Live Blood Analysis Theory with an option to upgrade to become a Live Blood Analysis practitioner.

Course Price: £ tbc

If you are interested in participating in this course and would like further details once we have them confirmed then please fill-in the form below so we can get in touch: