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Fulvic Detox Pack

30-day supply | 1 Pure Body Extra (60ml) & 1 Fulvic Minerals+ (60ml)

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  • FULVIC MINERALS+: Give your body a natural edge with fulvic acid compounds, plant-based trace minerals, and natural zeolite to support energy, immunity, and detox.
  • PURE BODY EXTRA: Cleanse your body of toxins, heavy metals and pollutants with the original, nano-sized liquid zeolite detoxifier in a taste-free spray.
  • REPLENISH YOUR GUT: Natural compounds in fulvic acid nourish the gut and support a healthy microbiome for immune support and digestive health.
  • MICRONUTRIENT SUPPORT: Trace minerals sourced from seaweed provide dozens of micronutrients to support energy levels, nutrient absorption and cellular health.
  • ELIMINATE TOXINS FOR IMPROVED HEALTH: Support your body's natural immunity, restful sleep, sustained energy, clarity and focus by eliminating toxins with zeolite.
  • ALL NATURAL, NON-GMO: Fulvic Minerals+ has natural goodness in every drop, and Pure Body Extra is 100% natural zeolite, ideal to support whole-body health.

Learn more about how Zeolite works: Watch Video


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